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In the largest city, Panama City, high-rise buildings, casinos and nightclubs contrast with rustic colonial structures in the historic Casco Viejo neighborhood and the rainforests of the Natural Park. All along the canal and in the surrounding natural and man-made landscape, one can see the effects of years of Spanish colonial designs. Panama’s tropical climate makes it a popular tourist destination, and for this reason, many families visit Panamanian territory on vacation.

Panama City is the economic hub of Panamanian activity, where hundreds of thousands of trucks, cars and buses gather every day. Other than the main thoroughfare, Panama City has an extensive network of intercity expressways that connect different points in the city. To the north, in Cartagena, are the old and charming Old Town and to the south, you can find the new and up-to-date Panama City. The Copan district on the western side of Panama City is famous for the fountains, colorful festivals and shops.

Panamanian Cuisine

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Panamanian cuisine is exquisite and diverse. Local and foreign tourists from all over the world enjoy the local flavor and also get to experience a wide variety of foods. One must try the delicious seafood of Panama. Fishes like scallops, oysters, mackerel and snapper are found all around the city and are served in various types of freshwater as well as saltwater aquariums.

Panama City boasts one of the largest slums in the world. The area is popular for bars and discos where one can enjoy the local drinks. Outside Panama City, you will also find many shantytowns where shabby boats and huts have been built. Tourists are not allowed inside such shacks, which are often filled with rats and other pests. This is one of the reasons why a visit to Panama City should be carefully planned so as not to fall prey to any scams or dirty deals.

Its Fabulous Nightlife

Your Panama City tourist guide will help you get to know more about Panama City and its fabulous nightlife. The local nightlife is legendary and many tourists have their own stories to tell about the places they have visited and the bars they have enjoyed. There are many discos and bars where one can spend the afternoons with friends, talking about the places they have been and drinking some cold beer. Before going out to one of these bars, it is best to check whether the venue is safe.

The canal also offers one of the best tours of Panama City. On your boat trip, you will be able to marvel at the many canals and waterways that connect the mainland and the island. You will also have a chance to go through the locks and see how they work. This will give you a fascinating and educational glimpse of the canal’s history and its role in modern Panama.

The Rainforests

The rainforests are also a popular attraction among tourists. The ecotourism industry is thriving here and you will have a chance to observe many endangered species of flora and fauna. One of the most famous tours in Panama is the sighting of the Great Blue Hole. 

Located in the north of Panama, the blue hole is an underwater national park that can take you on a journey through the Amazonian basin. You will also need to bring your camera with you because there are a lot of species of animals here. The wildlife of Panama is also very diverse, which makes it a great place to go if you are an animal lover.


Panamanians also love their water. There are many places in the country that offer boat tours that take you to waterfalls, lagoons and islands. You can even take a walk through the rainforests during your visit to Panama. Your tour to this country will not be complete without a stop at the Panama Canal. This is where most of the large ships leave from and this makes it a must for all travelers.

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