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cuban travel tips

I have traveled to the cuba island multiple times, and have written articles about it for years. My goal is to give my experiences in the country the perspective of an objective traveler so you can make informed decisions about your future vacations. This article will focus on my most recent travel experience, which was a fascinating trip to Havana, Cuba.


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My family and I traveled to Cuba on an organized vacation from the United States. The goal was to visit the three main cultural points of interest: the Revolutionary Museum, the Museum of Unification, and the National Museum. We chose to visit the Revolutionary Museum because we loved all of the historical and political symbolism within its walls. The museum has a permanent exhibition of works by famous Cuban artists, as well as a wide variety of objects representing different forms of art, from Pottery to Textile. Within the museum, we also visited the U.S.S.R. Interests’ pavilion and the unfinished masonry buildings at the edge of the Little Havana seaport.

Spending Moments

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While in Cuba, my family and I experienced many unique Cuban travel tips. While in the city, we were exposed to the incredible hospitality of the people, particularly the Cubans who were out walking the streets in our area, asking for items they needed. One elderly gentleman approached us asking for an umbrella, and when he was asked where he came from we told him that we were travelling from the United States. When he looked confused and asked why, we explained that we were tourists visiting Cuba, and we wished to ask him any questions we might have about the country. He was so kind to us and provided us with a wonderful back story of his travels.


When we arrived back at the airport, we were met by a taxi driver who had driven us all the way from the airport to the hotel, and it was him who quickly introduced us to our new friends in Cuba, which were the women folk who became our new sisters-in-arms – minus the stutter! My little sister, Marielle, was overwhelmed with joy when we were introduced to our new Cuban friends. Her first words to us were, “Teng a ti!” which means thank you very much, and she beamed with love and excitement as she embraced her new friends. As we were leaving the airport, I saw a young man who was running towards me with his camera ready to take a picture of us, and as I turned around to take a picture, I saw him run past me and jump on the white trolley that was taking us to our hotel.


After returning from our two day visit to cuba, we decided to spend a day at the Cucao Grande Pool in Caguas. We were greeted by a beautiful shore and beautiful people who offered to help us explore the area. The water at the Cucao Grande Pool is filled with tropical fish, turtles, and other marine life. The water temperature during the day was perfect for swimming.


After exploring the area, we had a lovely delicious lunch consisting of frogs’ legs, black beans, chicken reels, salamis, and other delicious food. While enjoying our delightful lunch, we met up with our new friends in Cancun, whom we had not seen for many years. As we talked with the ladies of the Cancun community, we learned that these Cancunans are very humble and they are always willing to share what they know. The ladies told us about how they were so happy that we had come to visit Cuba, as they were expecting an extremely busy visit from tourists like ourselves!


After spending the afternoon visiting the various cultural sites in Cancun, we returned to our charming hotel. The next morning, as we walked out of our beautiful hotel room, we met up with our guide from the cuban travel tips and we spent some time talking with him. We discussed the various things that we had noticed in our visit to cuba including the old temples in Cancun that were reminiscent of old havana. We also talked about how we enjoyed the hotels in Cancun and learned about the different amenities each of these hotels provided. Our guide was very excited about the different hotels and he wanted to show us around!

Wrapping Up

The next day, after breakfast, we met up with our guide again and we visited one of the most popular sites in cuba, which was the Casa de Campo in Granada. Once we had visited the beautiful beachfront building, we went inside and began exploring the different areas of the building. As we walked along, our guide pointed towards a figure on the beach. We later learned that this man was the former President of Mexico, Mr. Ernesto Chavez. After exploring the different parts of the building, we returned to our beautiful cuban rental car and headed towards Cancun.

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