Hot Springs That Are Better Avoided For Your Safety

When people think of hot springs, they immediately think of a warm relaxing pool. It is all about being able to enjoy the warm therapeutic water. One of the most popular hot springs in the world is the Blue Lagoon, which can be found in the beautiful country of Iceland. This hot spring is actually man-made which is one of the reasons why people can get in it. Natural springs are usually formed when heated water can be found flowing through some of the cracks on the ground. 

However, there are hot springs all over the world that are actually way too dangerous. They are indeed way too beautiful to look at because they look so unreal, then again, you would not want to get in it. If you want to find out more about them, then here are the things you need to know. 

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Hot Springs That Are Better Avoided For Your Safety

Hot Springs Better Admired From A Distance

The Grand Prismatic Spring, United States of America

It was back in 1871 when the Grand Prismatic Spring was actually discovered during an expedition. According to experts, the name of the spring was based on its color. It was also during this time that the Yellowstone National Park was created. The color of the spring has some bright orange with other yellow and green rings around the blue waters. The shade of the colors varies because of the seasons changing. This particular spring is known to be the biggest hot spring in the United States. 

Champagne Pool, New Zealand

Another iconic yet dangerous hot spring is the Champagne Pool. This famous pool can be seen around the North Island of New Zealand. The spring was referred to as such because it has bubbles similar to the sparkling drink. It has two distinct colors of green and orange that are caused by the disposition of minerals and silicate. This particular spring was believed to be formed about 900 years ago. According to experts, there are actually gold, silver, and mercury that are deposited in the rocks surrounding it. No one is of course allowed to swim in this hot spring, no one is even allowed to be near the spring itself.

Boiling Lake, Dominica

Dominica is known for having a lot of active volcanoes. Even if it is actually rare for a volcano to erupt in the area, there are springs that are famous for being dangerous. Known to be one of the most dangerous hot springs to have ever existed, the Boiling Lake is located in the Morne Trois Pitons National Park. It is even located as a World Heritage site. Because of how much vapor surrounds the spring, it cannot usually be seen from afar but it has bubbling water in it. 

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Hot Springs That Are Better Avoided For Your Safety

Frying Pan Lake, New Zealand

Last but surely not least is the biggest hot spring known to mankind, The Frying Pan Lake in New Zealand. According to experts, this like was formed in 1886 due to volcanic eruption.

The water’s temperature is around 50 to 60 degrees Celsius, but it once reached over 70 for quite some time. People even refer to it as a massive boiling cauldron because of how much carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide the spring releases.

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