Top Tips For Travel To India That You Should Learn Before Making Any Plans

tips for travel to india

The land of elephant and snake charmers sure holds a pretty elegant location that comes on your bucket list. However getting all packed up and taking down trips without having the slightest idea about where you are going to fall, is not at all a good choice of plan. Not only India is a busy place but visiting without a wise strategy is not going to help you through. So, let us begin with tips for travel to India with –

Don’t Be Overwhelmed With The Exotic Cultural Display 

A snow covered mountain

The very first step might overwhelm you with a diversified cultural display. Yes, India is the land of colors and holds a strong cultural heritage. Therefore it is obvious for you to get shocked for the first few days. So, the early you embrace the change, the better you adjust for the time being. Also, don’t carry the bag of expectation since things are too different to catch on. 

Try Travelling Beyond 

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After you are done with covering the major cities such as Mumbai and the capital city Delhi, it is time to get your backpack ready to hop on for the other locations that hold mesmerizing cultural notes and breathtaking scenic evidence. 

Change Your Sim Card As Soon As You Land 

Getting a new sim for your travel occasion is what you need to gear up first. The moment you land, the first thing that prioritizes your visit is to establish a good network scheme for those of you who are new there. Getting a hold of the Google Map is going to help you with your adventure. Besides, you need to have a good call with your family back home too. So, a sim card is what you should look for, the moment you arrive. 

You Have To Be Cautious At All The Steps

The cultural deviation is tremendous, hence you have to step accordingly. Try covering up the chest area and the knee area as much as you can. Also, while you roam around be aware of religious scams, for you will come across one for sure. 

Another negative trait about the place is that the location has numerous pickpockets, therefore carry your belongings carefully.  

If required visit the local pharmacy, they will help you with honesty both with medication and the map. It is wise to carry your own toilet paper and hand sanitizer, for a better touring experience. 

Additionally, a big no-no to PDA(Public Display Of Affection).

If you feel hungry try avoiding the local street foods. Instead, visit good restaurants for healthy food and a diverse menu. Besides, you will be assured with the notion of sanitation in this concern too. Better ask your hotel representative for guidance.


Never forget to come up with travel insurance while traveling to India for it is better to be secured, right? While in India, be sure that you pay attention while using the sidewalks too. Stay aware while you are using the ATM and also try to count every penny while you make any offline monetary exchange. When you buy bottled water, make sure that you inspect the same. Also, traveling for the first time alone is not a good idea, better visit the country with someone who has already made a tour there for a safe journey. Otherwise, you will surely love your time on this visit to the land of love and culture. Happy traveling

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