Top Travel Destinations and Outdoor Activities

top travel destinations

New York City features many of the top travel destinations in the world. Among the most populous cities, it is the cultural, political, and entertainment capital of the United States. It is also home to the first President of the United States and the first official United States government seat. New York City includes five boroughs which are situated where the Hudson River merges with the East River. At its center is Manhattan, an densely populated borough which is among the world’s major financial, commercial and cultural centers. Its iconic landmarks include towering skyscrapers like the Empire State Building and gritty, multi-colored Broadway.

Best Travel Destinations

Las Vegas is one of the best places to enjoy a Vegas Vacation. It is considered the “Crown Jewel” of Las Vegas and hosts some of the best gambling resorts in the world. There are many hotels and casinos in Las Vegas that offer great accommodations and casino gambling. One of the best places to visit in Las Vegas is the Bellagio resort, which features many fine dining and entertainment attractions. The Venetian Resort Hotel & Casino is another top travel destinations for Las Vegas Vacations.

Columbus, Ohio is one of the top travel destinations for America because of the rich culture and history it shares with the rest of the country. Columbus is home to several magnificent historical sites that include Brushy Creek Redoubt, Cedar Breaks National Monument, and the Ohio State University campus. You can find many great museums in Columbus that include The Genome Research Museum, the Columbus Museum of Art, and the Ohio Historical Society.

New Orleans is one of the top travel destinations in the US for its natural beauty, wonderful dining, and historic culture. The Mississippi Gulf coast is home to many fine dining and popular nightlife locations. There is also the beautiful Louisiana shrub and botanical gardens called the Botanical Garden of Algiers.

San Diego is another popular destination in California for outdoor recreation and beautiful beaches. The Embarcadero, Sea World, and the Historic Gas Lamp District are all popular attractions in San Diego. Other local destinations include the Sea World, the Zoo, and the San Diego Zoo. San Diego’s historic Gaslamp District is also one of the most popular destinations in the region for tourists and locals alike. There are many other local landmarks and tourist attractions as well including the zoo’s Wild Animal Park and the old Seaport Village.

Las Vegas, Nevada is a popular destination for many visitors. It is home to the worlds largest shopping mall, one of the biggest casino resorts in the country, the Bellagio Fountains, and many other popular attractions. Another popular destination is the City of Lights, Las Vegas. This unique city incorporates lighting into its design bringing it a unique “showcase” appearance. Las Vegas is a wonderful place to spend a vacation with the family or with your friends. Las Vegas has plenty of fun things to do and wonderful places to see.

One national park that is often referred to as the greatest national park in the US is Yosemite National Park. Yosemite is a great place to go if you love the outdoors and national parks in general. One of the most popular activities to do at Yosemite is to visit the various attractions such as the Yosemite Valley historic center, the main street, and the Yosemite picnic and camping areas. One popular attraction outside of Yosemite National Park is Crater Lake. Visitors to Crater Lake will not only be able to view a breathtaking sunset, but they can also take a hot tub and enjoy the lush greenery surrounding the area.

End Note

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If you are looking for outdoor activities then visitors to St. Louis should check out the St. Louis Zoo. St. Louis is the second largest city in the state of Missouri and is home to many cultural attractions as well. One of the more popular attractions outside of the zoo is the Gateway Arch, which is located on the south side of town. Other popular attractions include the St. Louis University Balloons, which are a large attraction when the weather begins to get warm. St. Louis is truly a unique city with a lot to offer visitors from all over the world.

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